Dating a woman with spina bifida

We've talked about everything, that's one good thing - that even as a teenager she's open to talking to me and confiding in me.(I'd probably be a worried mess if she didn't talk to me).So, what I do is work on my daughter's self-confidence with her and her being happy with herself.I say " You have to love and care for yourself and then when you put that energy out into the world, you'll meet someone that wants to love and care for you."My daughter expresses this one a lot, that having Spina Bifida makes her feel unattractive.Remember, the more independent you are the easier it will be to start and maintain a relationship.Relationships are complex and usually require time to develop.It has nothing to do with having a disability or not, it's about having a special and unique connection with someone. I'd love to hear from other parents on their child's experiences with SB and dating!

Some people may not be ready for information about sex or may not want to openly discuss relationships or sexuality with parents or health professionals.

Others may require assistance to father children depending on their ability to ejaculate.

This can be explored in more detail with your doctor and a referral to a fertility clinic as required.

Always remember to keep yourself safe when meeting new people through social networking sites or dating websites.

You may experience additional challenges when becoming sexually active.


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