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Other testimony showed that as the temperature decreases toward 155 degrees, the extent of the burn relative to that temperature decreases exponentially.

Thus, if Liebeck's spill had involved coffee at 155 degrees, the liquid would have cooled and given her time to avoid a serious burn.

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During discovery, Mc Donalds produced documents showing more than 700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 19.

Some claims involved third-degree burns substantially similar to Liebecks.

Post-verdict investigation found that the temperature of coffee at the local Albuquerque Mc Donalds had dropped to 158 degrees fahrenheit.

The jury awarded Liebeck 0,000 in compensatory damages.

This amount was reduced to 0,000 because the jury found Liebeck 20 percent at fault in the spill.

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There is a lot of hype about the Mc Donalds' scalding coffee case.


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