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Occasionally, when running this script, you'll be left with some junk files in addition to the correct ones.Simply sort the folder by extension to find the junk ones and delete them.You can adjust the sensitivity of the checks it uses; it may be useful to test this some.I use fairly strict sensitivity, and also check all identified duplicates by hand before deleting them. For an archive of over 20000 images, this resulted in a few hundred duplicates, but your results may vary.If you have more than a few dozen images, there's a decent chance you have some unintentional duplication.This is very difficult and time-consuming to find by hand, since in many cases the images are not exactly the same, but are closely related. It will identify not just exact duplicates, but also similar images.This process is what I follow to upload images to the bot.Some of the steps are optional, and some steps can be performed in different ways than how I do it or in a different order.

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It should be possible to get things to work with animated gifs, but they're a lot more work than other formats.It's not hard to accidentally destroy things in some of the later steps, so having a backup will potentially save many hours of work.If you, like me, used a half-dozen different sites with different naming conventions to get your images, it may be somewhat annoying to have them all in the same place.These are known to apply (sometimes severe) compression to the images.In addition, modified images (cropped, filtered, etc) are quite common.For whatever reason, it seems that site is now broken and the script isn't available there, so I've uploaded the script here if you still want it.


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