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Irons may be of clever design but 'short on popularity' like those from Jerry Barber or Arnold Palmer.

Some great putters, including custom designs, can fall into this category. The biggest game improver in the past century is the golf ball and better manicured golf courses.

Simpleton's Two Motion Irons can help the average golfer play better and smarter.

In 1990, I had the pleasure of playing a member guest golf tournament in Mt. Willie had long since retired from professional pocket billiards, where he had been a national champion for many years.

However, if you have a bad swing or little skill in shotmaking, expensive high-tech equipment has only ego value. keep Bobby Jones' record in mind recalling his thin blade putter and 'fishing rod' flex hickory shafts ..

As noted in the club descriptions some clubs have been 'refreshed'.

We came in 4th place, but talking, walking and strategizing golf with a true legend in a major sport, was an unforgettable experience.Classic golf clubs have known trademarks although some very high quality equipment is lesser known.Original offering price has little effect on current desireability or value.Today, professional player-promoted golf equipment sales drive the market.However, few golfers play like the pros or have the hours each day to practice.The company reduced 8 separate swing planes into fewer swing planes.


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