Do sookie and bill dating in real life

Sex on television has come a long way since the period when married couples weren’t even allowed to share the same bed.

These days, cable networks can show some extremely sultry stuff.

Jamie and Angela were high school sweethearts who reunite after many years of being apart.

All of the chemistry and fire that was present in their youth is still there, only they are grown now and they can do some very adult things.

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Luckily, congresswoman Jackie Sharp and lobbyist Remy Danton's relationship is a lot steamier.However, Henry's steamiest encounters on the show involved the notorious Anne Boleyn, played by Natalie Dormer.Between Dormer and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a very sexy scene in the woods, you're definitely going to need to come up for some air.Though Connor was kind of dating his now-boyfriend Oliver at the time, Pax had some information that he needed and he was going to do whatever it took to get it.From the looks of it, getting down and dirty with Pax was no real hardship for Connor.Though Jamie is married, which makes all of this very naughty, you might just find yourself empathizing with them.


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    It's like actually being there and being part of the action!