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During the term members have enjoyed visits to locomotive sheds throughout the West Riding, to Doncaster, York and Lancashire depots.We all look forward to the return of Spring when we can once more venture farther afield.

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It is just an excuse for the school bully to humiliate their victims in the cruelest way possible. A DATABASE OF SPOTTERS' NOTEBOOKS I have received an interesting email from Dave KH, who writes - 'Hi David, as a spotter from mid-60s to the mid-70s, I have been looking through your web pages and enjoyed the photos held there - you also have a number of images of pages from spotting notebooks which is why I am dropping you a line.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Benson at the end of the summer term.

He departed for Leeds University about the same time as the last of his favourite 'Midland Compounds' left the area for the Derby scrap yard.

Meetings are held each week, and this, the largest of the school societies, has the additional distinction of being the only one able to keep in constant touch with its members.

Shed and Works tours have continued as a very popular attraction, and, but for the difficulty of keeping a check on the large number of boys involved, it would be possible to run two coaches on many of these excursions.


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