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The song's opening lyrics mirror the opening lyrics of Septimus Winner's "Der Deitcher's Dog".The singer borrows his father's car to take his beloved sweetheart out on a romantic date (on a rainy night).Cochran went into the ministry, in later years; he doesn't talk about his rock and roll years anymore.A long-running rumor held the song was based on an auto accident that killed 16-year-old Jeanette Clark, who was on a date with J. Hancock, also 16, in Barnesville, Georgia, on December 22, 1962. Route 341, their car hit a tractor trailer carrying a load of logs in rural Barnesville, Georgia; Clark, Hancock and Wayne Cooper were killed.Wayne Cochran (vocals), Joe Carpenter (guitar), Bobby Rakestraw (bass), and Jerry Reppert (drums) recorded the song for the Gala label, a small label based in Vidalia.When the labels for the 45s, Gala #117, were printed, the names of co-writers Joe Carpenter, Randall Hoyal and Bobby Mc Glon were left off.In all, Cochran recorded four versions of the song, the original, Gala #117, Boblo Records #101, King Records #5856, and Aire Records #150, released as "Last Kiss" b/w "Edge of the Sea", with Cochran sharing vocals with an unnamed male vocalist.The Aire disc was easily the most different version of all, with heavy reverb and a staccato drumbeat.

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The reviewer said, "Blues, chanted in relaxed style, with a funky guitar backing.Derivative but a good job." "Last Kiss" came to the attention of record promoter Sonley Roush, a Texas promoter eking out a living, looking for the next big thing.Roush brought the song to a group that he booked around West Texas, the Cavaliers of San Angelo, with the proviso that singer J. Wilson joined the Cavaliers after his discharge from Goodfellow Air Force Base (San Angelo, Texas) in 1962, but had left for a while, unsure of the future.Cochran evidently never asked Gala to change the label, to include the other names; to this day Cochran is the only one credited with writing "Last Kiss".Cochran would go on to re-record the song for release on Aire Records (1962), in a slightly different tempo, with some changes to the lyrics and for re-release on King Records in 1963.Cochran loaded 45s in the trunk of his car, taking them along to gigs, to sell to fans, although it didn't help much.


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