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Then you would have to re-select whether or not you wanted it in Automatic with the Sport-mode activated or back into Manual-mode etc.The transmission-mode memory function upgrade for the Pioneer 1000 gets two-thumbs up from me!

With the winch harness being pre-installed from the get-go it will cut down on that time drastically and make life easier for you if you plan on installing it yourself and if you plan on having a dealer do the install – it will save your wallet from the shock once you get the labor bill!Below, after I touch on some of the recent changes to the Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe I will dive into the nitty-gritty specs on this model Pioneer ranging from the engine, DCT transmission, interior, electronics etc to hopefully help show you anything and everything you need to know about the Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe in one place.Don’t forget to take a minute and check out my other detailed write-ups reviewing each of the 2018 Pioneer 1000 models and their differences as you have quite a few differences between them that set each one of Honda’s 2018 side by side models apart from the next.I’ve found that ever since Honda released the 2016 Pioneer 1000 model lineup in 2015 that I still run into people on a daily basis that are confused by all of the models and what they offer so I’m going to try and help break down that information to better-help those individuals that may not know every in-and-out about these models like many enthusiasts are that have studied every nut and bolt of these side by side / UTV models.Nowhere in those model names does it really designate what you get for the $$ differences and or what differentiates them and that is what I believe still confuses some people.And that’s precisely what you get out of the class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin.


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