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It includes personal letters and diaries reflecting on daily life of the middle class on the island of Lesvos during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The interface is in English and Greek Metadata re-use policy explicitly undefined; Full data item policies explicitly undefined; Content policies explicitly undefined; Submission policies explicitly undefined; Preservation policies explicitly undefined This is the Institutional Repository of AAB College.

You run many of the same tests before you remove the directory as you run before you install the directory.Open DOAR is one of the SHERPA Services including Ro MEO and JULIET, run by the Centre for Research Communcations (CRC).Current development work is currently funded by JISC, with contributions from the CRC host organisation, the University of Nottingham. Swain, 2006 - PDF) and identified as the leader in repository directories in a study by Johns Hopkins University.Open DOAR has also been identified as a key resource for the Open Access community (K. Open DOAR was one of the services which contributed to SHERPA being awarded the 2007 SPARC Europe Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications.More information on the project is available on this site through the About page.These tests ensure that the process occurs without any problems.


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