Mythvodka updating listings

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Networks are getting more creative with their logos, so I'm sure #2 isn't as effective as it used to be...buckeye: and if the time between black screens is 'just right', or within tolerance of a typical commerical timeframe, i'd guess that it would confuse the detector.

I makes assumptions about the configuration of the system/filesystem that are invalid (i.e.

I have a 64-bit machine that's /not/ a multilib system, so /usr/lib is a directory of 64-bit libs and there's no /usr/lib64.

Next plan is to install to a "fake" location and then move the files ... I had to add in a bunch of codecs to my system, but Windows media player handles pretty much everything now.

Plus it plays H264 at a good speed which was something that my Myth system couldn't.


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