Single safari dating

Search more efficiently with the Safari Keyword Search plugin.

This handy extension enables you to search specific websites by prefixing a short phrase or letter before your query.

I added one for Make Use Of so I can now search the site simply by typing the letter “m” followed by my query.

The plugin overrides your default search engine, so make sure you set that up correctly after installing.

Remember: Extensions can read, modify, and transmit content from all webpages.

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See also: Cloudmarks is another similar extension from the same developer which supports Pinboard, Delicious, and Kippt.?Pi Pifier is a Safari extension which enables the feature for any HTML5 video.Download it from the App Store, install, and you’ll find a toolbar button appear alongside your address bar.Formerly known as Hover Zoom, this extension takes the effort out of clicking links in favor of just hovering your mouse over them instead.It’s arguably most useful for images, allowing you to just hold your mouse over an image link to load a large preview without leaving the page.If lack of tab customization is holding you back from using Safari full-time, Tab Options is the answer.


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