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So you sell the house, move, and then repeat the cycle, except next time, you rent. The Air Force variant is you get married, you buy a house thinking you’ll be stationed in the area for several years and then it gets be for the best.Your family has always lived on the same tree-lined, lemonade-stand-in-the-summer cul-de-sac and you love them for it, but let’s be blunt — sometimes family is better enjoyed half a continent or more away!Of course it’s hard to be separated from everyone at the holidays.

This gives both parties the freedom to meet new people and experience new events without any remorse or responsibility to the other person.You need to consider whether or not the two of you will remain exclusive or if you agree to date other people.You should also consider whether or not you are willing to wait for this person, or if you are able to get to know him through long-distance communication. Maybe you should consider putting the relationship on hold.This also allows the civilian girlfriend to really evaluate whether or not she wants to commit herself to the military lifestyle.You may even decide to casually keep in touch and potentially re-evaluate the status of the relationship upon the military member’s return. You should mutually agree how often you will communicate, and which modes of contact you will employ.You’re glad no one can simply pop in because the baby’s perpetually covered in blueberry juice, you’re wearing some ridiculous IF YOU’RE NOT AMMO YOU’RE CRAP T-shirt with a degenerate dragon on it.


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