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Do you have experience calling Best Buy customer service about a product, order or service dispute? Target is one of the largest major retailers in the United States.You can press 0 to be immediately transferred to an agent.There was no wait time at all before Nina answered the line. She did not bother asking why we wanted the number; she just placed us on hold for about 30 seconds and came back with the number for Target corporate.The company target audience is the upper middle class who want a product that is just as affordable as Walmart, but don’t want the Walmart name.Target stores are designed much like higher-end stores, but prices are moderate.

The Target customer service department is available to answer just about any product or order question you have.Then the call started sounding more like a sales pitch than a customer service call as individual products were being described with options to learn more as part of the available selections.We pressed 0 twice to be transferred to a customer service agent.The agent that answered the phone asked where she could direct our call.We asked for a customer service agent with experience with i Pad.There is an online email form for contacting customer service here: When we clicked on the link for instructions on how to “allow” emails from Best Buy, we found an email address: Best Buy Online [email protected]


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