Christian dating scotland

The striking Village Hall was built with Millennium Commission lottery funds.

This now houses a replica of the Strathy Stone, probably an early Christian grave marker dating from about 600AD.

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Perhaps the oddest thing about the village is the presence of no fewer than four churches, all built between 18, though two have since been converted to other uses.

The earliest of the four churches was built to a standard Thomas Telford design in 1828 and is now a private home.

The "disruption" (a schism) in the Church of Scotland in 1843 led to a second being built, and the others followed further divisions that subsequently took place.

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The next day, the king told those urging him to take a rest from his devotions, "Let me rather think about the things of God, so that my spirit may set out strengthened on its journey from exile to home. Mark, the author of the Second Gospel, comes largely from the New Testament and early Christian traditions.

David was to express profound remorse for an ill-conceived and ill-fated invasion of England he had ordered on behalf of his niece.

He also suffered the sorrow of the premature death of his only son.

The original remains on a nearby hillside, best found by seeking local guidance!

The best place to gain a sense of the layout of Strathy is at the graveyard, high on a bluff on the east side of the river.


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