Red hot bothered indie rock guide to dating

All I can say is most men are ok if you try to please, baby them and treat them like a two year old.

But, treat them like adults, and you can forget it.

It was a difficult transition, which took time - but it worked. Things that used to make me angry no longer bother me.

I have become much more patient and a better listener.

We asked: Have you ever suffered from a partner¿s anger? I never felt able to argue back and I was constantly walking on eggshells, not knowing when the next angry session would be. I lost all my self confidence and became a very shy timid person. Earlier this year we had an almighty row and, shortly afterwards, we split up.

I, my family and friends are hoping that I go through with the divorce - the letter from the solicitor is on its way - but I know it won't be easy."___________________________________"I was married for 16 years, and lived with my husband's anger, foul tempers, verbal abuse and occasional violence for so long, I was terrified to do anything about it. I've got new friends, have found a new partner and am enjoying life again, with my daughter who is now 13.

So why am I the one who is bearing the brunt of his anger? He has mood swings and gets drunk to the point of unconsciousness.

We never go out together, or do anything fun any more.

I was successful at work but this was a threat to his ego. We lived under the same roof from the start of proceedings (until I bought out his share of our home). There is life after a divorce."___________________________________"I am 45 and a professional with a responsible job earning good money.

I have lived with someone for the last four and half years who is full of anger - our's is more like a parent-child relationship.


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