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Anyone could use these specifications to build their own version of this equipment and customize it for a specific application.Or you can buy the Pearl Gel box in versions from 9 to 0, depending on how much assembly you’re willing to do yourself.What happens when you can do real science instead of just reading about it in school?Tito Jankowski is one of the organizers of the DIY Bio community and he’s trying to make the field of biotechnology accessible to amateurs as well.His small San Francisco-based company, Pearl Biotech, is starting to develop some of the equipment you’d need.The Pearl Gel Box, a gel electrophoresis system, is based on an open-source hardware design, like many of these projects, which means that the specifications are open and shared publicly.As a consequence, Makerbot will help accelerate the growth of a 3D printer community that is open to anyone.

The students are not that unusual, although it’s not what every student is doing at winter or summer break.

Makerbot won’t necessarily displace its more established competitors; it’s not as fast nor the same quality.

However, Makerbot will expand the market for 3D printers, making them affordable to small businesses and home hobbyists.

payload consisting of sensors, an open-source microcontroller called Arduino and consumer-grade cameras.

After about five hours, the balloon had reach 90,000 feet, which is considered near-space.


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