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No chance to relive the glory days at college bars like I did in Columbus and Madison, so I'll have to get back and check out the Ann Arbor nightlife scene another time.

Saturday morning I headed out to meet one of my hosts for the day, Gordie Fall (named in honor of Gordie Howe), at the famous MGo Bus.

Yep, I've got no team and -- until recently -- no interest in college football.

My parents, both graduates of small liberal arts schools, didn't raise me with a Notre Dame pacifier in my mouth or dress me in a Clemson onesie on Saturday afternoons.

A plain-spoken, joke-cracking, old school kind of guy, he told me he was cut out to be a judge because he's "been there, done it" when it comes to making mischief, and the No.

But I've been feeling left out the past few seasons.

When two teams remain, I'll hit the road for "Fantasy Taildates" to get to know each one a little better. With no ties to anyone and every right to bandwagon, I'll get to make decisions based on where the good vibes take me. I was hoping to grab dinner at the famous Zingerman's Deli, a UM hot spot since 1982, but I quickly discovered it closed right when my show ended.

(I'm coming back for ya, "Leo's Friendly Lion," and I'm gonna put ya in my belly.) With a long day of tailgating ahead and no one to hit the bars with, I had the "World Famous Bread Stix" from Pizza House delivered, per the recommendation of former on-campus tour guide Emma Sutherland, and called it a night.

My alma mater, Cornell University, has a football team, but the Ivy League is one of just three FCS conferences that don't take part in the annual NCAA Division I football championship, and the only league that doesn't participate in any postseason play at all.

So you can see how I made it past the age of 30 without any interest in major college football.


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