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It’s called “climate change,” and in fact, Al Gore and the climate alarmists directly tell us that we created Hurricane Harvey and all the other “extreme” weather events anyone sees.

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” I text Sara Gruen and Karen Abbott if I don’t hear from them in a 48 hour period.This isn’t debatable, and it is as easy to observe as sunrise.Unless I have the names mixed up, the author seems to go by the name of “Sofia Smallstorm” (to avoid being identified by name, of course) and goes to great lengths to protect his or her identity.This person also wrote the foreward to No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101.The site has published a 14-minute analysis of Hurricane Harvey, asserting that the hurricane was augmented by “On-Land Water Vapor Generation from Texas, Louisiana, etc.” The video description also states: "It’s also no coincidence that Hurricane Harvey is hitting the United States, 25 years to the day after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida.How many of us noticed Andrex reduce the number of sheets on a toilet roll from 240 to 221? For example, who is actually going to notice that 10 sheets of paper are missing from the Bounty rolls on the right versus those on the left?


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