Avan dating zoey

Putting some lights toward his personal life, the renowned actor has not got married to anyone yet.In the year 2010, there came a rumor of being in a relationship with the young sensational singer, Miley Cyrus.

If something did not further the story or the character, it had to go.

This remarkable movie and television actor puts his first step on this world on 9th February, 1992 in Killarney, Vancouver, Canada.

He was interested in acting since his childhood days.

The long-dark-haired actor recently celebrated his 22nd birthday alongside his leading lady and, together, the two had an epic night out in New York City, which consisted of a lovely play and some surprise donuts — courtesy of Zoey.

Alongside the delicious donut pic, which Zoey posted on Instagram, she said, I’m not sure how much longer this relationship will last (my celeb romantic-o-meter is currently in the shop), but if their support for one another is as strong in real life as it is on their social media accounts, then I’d say Z A are lookin’ good.


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