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Samples should be placed in a polyethylene bag and sealed with electrical tape.To test the date we need to measure the sample’s thermoluminescence light which is then correlated to the accumulated dose of ionizing radiation.

Eventually, we will follow this formula to found out how many years old the sample is: Age (year) = accumulated dose / dose rate per year Thermoluminescence dating can be performed only in a specialized laboratory which will have a chemical section for the treatment of the samples with reagents and a radiation hazard restricted area.For instance, it is possible to date the wood support of a panel as well as canvas.The three most important dating techniques which are useful for the analysis of works of art are: Thermoluminescence (TL), Dendrochronology (DC), and Carbon 14 (C15). It dates items between the years 300-10,000 BP (before present).When the sample is heated in the lab, it releases thermoluminescence light.The intensity of the thermoluminescence light is proportional to the time that has passed from the last clock resetting event, which for ceramics correspond to when it was baked.The minerals that are used for thermoluminescence dating are mainly quartz and feldspar.


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