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So it just became about isolating between one side or the other.

Either I was working at something for myself or I was taking a vacation from myself and really luxuriating in this fictitious person. See our favorite "Super" Shows Talk about the evolution of Dexter and Debra. But it wasn't like she made a pivot from season to season.

Before that I had been waiting tables and I did a comedy [ too but I don't really like to be unemployed.

I wasn't going to be able to know exactly what it was like to live his specific life.

The opportunity for employment was very attractive.

What was it about Dexter Morgan that made him a likable and relatable character?

Carpenter: When I look back on it, I'm aware that it wasn't easy. It was like she was spinning in 360-degree circles again and again and she just couldn't find a place to stop.

There was a part of me, just as the actor, that envied the voiceover.


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